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Professionals with excellent success rates.

This is our area of expertise, and we handle every visa application to the United States in a professional, thorough and quick manner, giving every client the best chance of obtaining a visa quickly and personally. The United States is a decision of the American Embassy, but we will do everything to ensure that you are prepared to accept it.

Live Work Australia maintains an active involvement with business clients and advises businesses of when visas or sponsorship are due for renewal.  We also keep businesses up to date with changes to migration law and sponsorship obligations.

We will be happy to answer your questions and give you free consultation without any obligation.
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More information about participating in the lottery can be found at http://liberty-usa.co.il US Visa Guides deals only with filling out forms and does not make any kind of lottery in one way or another

Customer service is a top value

National Customer Service is available for questions at any stage of the process at national number 1700-72-74-76. You schedule the interview at the embassy with our help. You will arrive at the embassy when all the forms are signed and you are ready for an individual interview. Your America is starting here; a high service consciousness is a supreme value!

Price (crazy discounts for families, students and young people)

There are no extras like other companies, no hiding costs or half a job. The price of the service includes everything, the service of filling out the embassy forms in Hebrew, supporting and answering any questions, scheduling an interview at the US Embassy without additional charge, as part of a close service, a significant discount for families, groups, students and the security forces. Embassy fee in the amount of $ 160 Family Visa at a discount.


Our team works under the supervision of an American lawyer who has been trained in immigration laws in the US The applicant submits the application forms in Hebrew, so the chances of error are negligible. Oh, behind us are thousands of happy visas and happy customers from all over the country.

High success rates in the country (80% success)

Of the 10 candidates 7-8 receive a positive visa, obtaining a visa is of course the exclusive decision of an American consul in an interview at the US Embassy only, but the Master-Visa team works so hard all year round to learn the process from clients who came to interview, What is asked, when and why? The team interrogates customers wherever they are in order to understand the process closely, so any change that is made, the team is aware of it long before all the other competitors, this method is proven successful and working, it is the number one factor of high success! In one word: maximizing potential!!!