Renew Your U.S Visa

Renewal of US Visa

Renewing a visa to the US is the same as applying for a visa, but despite the prevailing assumption, not every visa holder in the United States is entitled to renew a visa ... If your visa expires or is coming, this article is written for you.

Requesting a US visa

A US visa application is made at the US Embassy in Tel Aviv (except for residents of Jerusalem and its environs that may access the US Embassy in Jerusalem). The process involves submitting forms, in a personal interview and paying a fee

How to fill out a US visa form

The visa application form consists of a large number of questions. There are identification questions, general questions and mandatory questions. Most of the questions are mandatory and it is very important to understand the questions before answering them. Because the form is submitted using a computerized system, without answering any question that is defined as a mandatory question, the system will not allow progress. All questions must be answered in English only.

US Visa Forms

In order to issue a visa to the United States, you must submit forms to the United States Embassy in Israel located in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, as is the case with embassies around the world, and the Embassy of the United States operates with the strictest bureaucracy.

Visa to USA

Entry to the United States Exchange requires a valid visa, which has been approved by the US Department of Immigration. Tourists, businessmen and all citizens of the State of Israel who wish to travel to the United States must travel through the United States Embassy in Israel (depending on their place of residence).

American visa

An American visa is required for any person wishing to enter the United States for any reason or purpose. Even if one of your friends lives in the United States

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